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Sex Education for Everyone!

Free Consultation 

Drop me a note and we can discuss what your group wants from a class, or how individual classes can help address a sexual health challenge. 

Individual and Couples Classes

Are you feeling stuck in a pattern, either by yourself or with a partner? Do you love sex but want to try some new things? Is there a sexual health challenge that you'd like a chance to work through? These classes on a wide variety of topics, from low libido to rapid ejaculation offer a chance to chat about any aspect of sexual health privately, in a supportive space. Take-home exercises given after every class. 

Classes for Adults

If you're like me and everyone I know, you didn't learn much in sex ed in high school. Just because you're an adult doesn't mean the learning has to stop. Accurate information offered in a respectful, fun, and inclusive atmosphere on a wide variety of topics. If you don't see what you're looking for in the classes listed let me know and I'll develop a session based on the needs of your group!

Classes for Youth

Growing up can be pretty exciting, but also confusing -- and then there's all that misinformation to figure out. I offer sexual health education that is age appropriate, inclusive, affirming, and interactive. Class for all ages available, check out the titles on the classes page

Sexual Health Education for Teachers

Teachers want to offer accurate and inclusive sexual health education, but haven't always been given much guidance in how to best do this. I offer trainings that can help teachers assess their own knowledge, learn how to discuss sexual health that speaks to everyone in the class, and model judgement-free education. 

Professional Development

Does your organization need help finding the language to become more inclusive and equitable? Are there gaps in your practice where you know people aren't being supported in ways that your mandate requires? A class or series of classes in effective communication, values assessment, and sexual health information sharing can help you and your colleagues fill in those gaps. 


I can help you open a sexual health business, write an inclusive sexual health survey, run a focus group, edit a pamphlet series, or anything else that requires an inclusive and affirming approach to sexual health. 

As a Sex Educator, I Do Not:
Offer Therapy

Private sexual health education classes are a place to learn accurate health information, assess your own beliefs and how they might be impacting your sex life, and learn techniques to improve your overall health and happiness. I'm not a therapist and we won't be delving into your relationship with your family.

Make Decisions for You 

Your body belongs to you, and you are the expert in your own life. I will happily share my thoughts about a wide variety of topics related to sexual health, but in the end, only you can decide what is best for you. I will support you in your decision-making process and give you the tools and information to make choices that work best for you. 

Touch Your Body

My approach to sexual health education doesn't involve any touching. A physiotherapist, somatic sex worker, doctor, or other professional could be helpful depending on your needs. 

Project my Beliefs onto Your Experience

We all have our own values and beliefs, especially when it comes to the complicated and emotional sexy stuff. I work from a harm reduction point of view and am supportive of any relationship style and consensual sexual practices that make sense to you. 

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