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Sexual Health Education for Everyone!

The classes below are for kids going through puberty, teens figuring out who they are, adults who want to explore and deepen their sexual selves, and professionals looking to improve communication with their clients. Classes are available on an individual, couple, and group basis and may be booked in your home, educational or medical facilities, or your workplace. 

Classes for Kids and Adolescents

One hour classes on each of these topics or select a few for a half or full day of learning.

Bodies do some pretty cool things, and one of the most incredible is growing from a kid into an adult. Through activities and discussions, this class can delve into the following topics:

Incredible You - Puberty changes for every body.

Bodies Are Magic - Conception, pregnancy, and birth. 

Your Body Belongs to You - Consent, privacy, and communication skills.

Boys, Girls, and All of Us! - An introduction to gender and identity.

What Makes a Family? - Share the story of you and your family.

Safer Surfing - Risk aware internet use. 

Positive Periods - A look at the menstrual cycle and some environmentally friendly period options. 

Classes for Teens and Youth

These interactive 1.5 hour sessions may be tailored to your group. 

Safer Sex, Queered - Consent, communication, and safety for queer and trans youth.

Let's Talk About Sex - A crash course in consent, communication, and safer sex for all teens. 

Ready or Not? Sexual decision making for teens. 

Skill Share for STI Disclosure - Stigma and shame keep us from talking about these really common health concerns; learn some positive techniques for communicating about tough subjects. 

Classes for Adults - Individual, Couples, and Groups

Classes for individuals and couples are one hour long and may be tailored to your particular interests, below are some suggested topics. 


Group classes are 1.5 hour sessions may be tailored to your group and are designed to be inclusive, fun, and affirming. 

Playing with Experience - tips and tricks for a lifetime of hot sex! This session looks at some of the common changes that happen to bodies and discusses how to manage challenges as well as celebrating the goodness that comes with age. This is an inclusive workshops for all bodies, ages, identities, and relationship statuses.

Not so Fast - Managing rapid ejaculation at any age.

Educated Pleasure - What you need to know about brains, bodies, and pleasure. 

Shameless Safer Sex - Newly single and ready to mingle? A creative safer sex workshop for those who grew up latex free.

Sex isn't a Drive, it's a Journey - low libido got you down? Tips and tricks for reconnecting to your body and finding your sexual joy. 

Shake that Booty - Everything you always wanted to know about anal sex but were afraid to ask. Safety, relaxation, and the mind/bum connection. 

Tie me Up, Tie me Down - Kinky sex for beginners, including how to turn everyday items into sex toys. Hands on practice for some simple knots included. 

Harness the Fun - Strap on play for all bodies.  

Coming Clean, Staying Dirty - Skill sharing for shame free STI disclosure.

All participants are welcome to engage in conversation during classes, but no-one is required to do so. Each class includes individual and group exercises as well as take home ideas to try out on your own. Classes are fully clothed and don't include any touching, unless a demo has been listed in the description. All interactions are fully optional. 

Classes for Health and Caring Professionals

These 1.5 hour classes are available to a wide variety of health professionals including family doctors, physiotherapists, sexual health professionals, social workers, therapists, and others. 

Sex Toys and Tools - Your clients are using sex toys, gender affirming products, and sexual health tools. What does this mean to you and your practice?

Understanding Aging and Menopause for Sexual Health Service Providers - How do we offer our clients sex positive and accurate information when we're imbued in this ageist and sex negative culture? This workshop includes an overview of ageing and other related changes that happen to most bodies, a look at both the positive and challenging aspects of these changes, and ways we can share positive messaging with our clients and communities. 

Change the Script - Inclusive communication skills for health care providers. 

Health Care Without Shame - Become a kink-aware health provider by learning the language, checking your assumptions, and seeing what all the fuss is about. 

Sexual Health Education for Teachers

The Ontario curriculum requires teachers to lead classes in topics that they might not have a lot of knowledge about. Teachers want to offer accurate and inclusive sexual health education, but haven't been given much guidance in how to best do this. Classes for teachers can help individuals assess their own knowledge, learn how to discuss sexual health that speaks to everyone in the class, and model judgement free education. Sessions for teachers are designed based on the curriculum and specific needs of the students. Get in touch to find out more. 

"Shelley's menopause presentation was thorough, accessible, and comprehensive. She broadened our knowledge as sex educators, and provided information that has been invaluable when discussing menopause and its effects with our clientele."
Sam Whittle, Owner and Educator, Venus Envy Ottawa

"Shelley was friendly, warm and was willing to talk about anything and everything. She didn't skirt around the main point like most adults do on this topic and she talked a lot about consent, which is rarely talked about elsewhere and is one of the most important things! It definitely wasn’t your average sex ed class.”

Teens from Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning

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