Perimenopause and Me!

I've been thinking and talking a lot about perimenopause over the past year, so thought I'd do a bit of writing to share what I've figured out. One big thing is the misunderstanding about what menopause really is, and what the difference is between menopause and perimenopause. Menopause is really just a one day affair, everything that leads up to it, in terms of symptoms and changes is perimenopause. The day when a person hasn't had a period for a full year, that is when they have officially entered menopause, but then after that, everything else is considered to be post-menopause. Important to know when considering how much misinformation and misunderstanding is out there regarding hormonal

Outing Myself

You would think that once you’ve come out as having herpes on the CBC, as well as publishing a blog about having herpes that the work would be done. But, in reality, I think about having herpes all the time and worry that people will judge me, find me unattractive, think I’m diseased and therefore disgusting all the time, no matter how often I say it out loud. Tonight I was at a gathering, and it was really fun and someone asked me what my ‘claim to fame’ was. I said it was telling the world, through the CBC that I have herpes. He was a lovely young man and his response was ” wow, you have herpes”. Since he’s an aware and wonderful person, he meant it like ‘great, so many people do but I ne

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Shelley Taylor